• Innovative technology
    for ultimate travel experience

    Unique On-board Infotainment
    in 3 different
    Passenger Packages

  • Innovative technology
    for ultimate travel

    Professional Installation
    in 2 hours with 24/7
    Technical Assistance

    1) Technical Assistance is an on demand service. It is not free of charge.

  • Innovative technology
    for ultimate onboard experience

    Low Cost –
    from only € 0.05 per seat a day

    2) Calculation based on the 5 year, 300 days/year, 40 seats, € 3,000 package.

  • You can download our app anytime.
    Just scan the code for iOS or Android
    by using the camera of your
    smart device, then follow
    the instructions.



Have you ever thought about how tempting it was if you could provide a full range of infotainment for your passengers? Basically, everything that makes their journey fun and easy: travel info with maps and tourist guides, music, movies, etc. Just like on a long distance flight and even more…

At IntegraBus we are commited to ongoing innovation which results in high-end products and services. This is our key to your success: satisfied passengers with unique travel experience will look forward to riding with you on a regular basis.



Charge Up the Journey!

We have a perfect solution for the ultimate convenience of your passengers.
A built-in charger device at their seats which provides energy to smart phones and tablets.

  • Low cost
  • Easy to install
  • With 2, 4 or more USB ports

So there‘s no more “battery running low“ on a long ride.

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Passenger Packages


IntegraBus offers an outstanding, one of a kind solution for on-board multimedia entertainment. It was designed to use on Coach and Intercity Buses. An easy to setup, user friendly, module based system – in 3 different packages – that works either on the central monitors (IB ATLAS) or on smart devices: mobile phones and tablet computers (IB WIFI and IB PREMIUM).

IntegraBus ATLAS
€ 589without installation
1. Budget choice
2. Basic travel information
3. Media player extension
4. Works on central monitors
IntegraBus WIFI
€ 665without installation
1. Value for money
2. On-board wireless internet access
3. Three different levels for 20, 40 or 60 users
4. Works on smart devices (phones or tablets)
IntegraBus PREMIUM
€ 1980without installation with 2 years content management support
1. Combines all the features of ATLAS & WIFI
2. Full range of infotainment with on-demand services
3. Multi-channel wireless system for up to 80 users
4. Works on smart devices (phones or tablets)

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