The topic of our last newsletter was the Babylon CityGuide, which is a very engaging product itself, but this week our aim is to make it even more attractive for those who are interested.

In case you missed that newsletter, check out this video to catch up:

Or if you like reading more, then check out this brochure:

We would like to introduce the Content Management System, which belongs to this member of the Babylon product group and makes using the device much easier for the operator.
With this recently developed system you can easily edit the content of your Babylon device.

As you can see on the dashboard, the system can inform you about the storage you have, about the languages and the POIs and files you can manage.

In the second menu you can create or delete POIs, give the coordinates, rename the already existing points and connect them with the uploaded files.

In the third menu you can upload files (jpeg and mp3) and then connect them to the existing POIs.

In the last menu the available languages can be set. The passengers will be able to choose from the 24 most popular languages and even flags will help in this process. If 24 languages are not enough, we can add more to meet your needs.

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