USB double charger

USB double charger

– Easy installation, recessed mounting
– Needs only a 35 mm round hole
– Flat product, the installation request only a20 mm deep place behind the front panel
– Snap in fixing
– Additional crews can fix the unit by demand
– No screw is visible because covered
– Elegant design
– Transparent center parts illuminate a blue light for easy finding and connectivity

– Two mobile devices can be charged simultaneously
– Standard USB A connector outputs,
– Both output can supply 1.0 Amp current maximum at 5V,
– Maximum currant limit by 3 A output
– Temperature protection at 100 C.
– The input can absorb short (for milisecs.) DC peaks up to 500 V
– Easy to install
– Supported mobile devices by charger profile identification
o iPod, iPhone, iPad, 1.0 A
o Android phones and tabs 1,0 A
– Automotive environment compatible design
– Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, thermal protection

About Project

It is a USB charger module intended for use in buses/coaches.

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