USB Double Charger – PCR-AAL

Functional Description of features

– Two mobile devices can be charged simultaneously
– Standard USB A connector outputs,
– Both output can supply 1.0 Amp current maximum at 5V,
– Maximum currant limit by 3 A output
– Temperature protection at 100 C.
– The input can absorb short (for milisecs.) DC peaks up to 500 V
– Easy to install
– Supported mobile devices by charger profile identification
o iPod, iPhone, iPad, 1.0 A
o Android phones and tabs 1,0 A
– Automotive environment compatible design
– Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, thermal protection

Mechanical specifications

• Plastic housing for recessed mounting on surface
• 35 mm hole diameter for snap in installation
• >36 mm hole diameter for normal installation
• Material : PC ABS
• 25 cm free cable length
• type of connector can be defined individually
• 4 mounting screw hole, mounting diameter 43 mm, screw diameter up to 3,1 mm
• Cable is proven by R118
• Housing weight is less then 15 g, no R118 proof is indicated
• Enclosure square size: 55 mm
• Black housing with an optional opal middle part for best light opacity