What is an APN?

APN stands for Access Point Name. As soon as configured, the modem can
precisely identify the data network in use, and it grants access for regular operation.

Why can’t I set up a PIN Code for security?

A SIM PIN is for securing a lost mobile device in the first place. Without knowing the PIN Code you can not use the device at all. The built-in bus equipment might not be lost, so there is no need for setting up a PIN. Actually, it would just cause unnecessary inconvenience every time you switch the device on.

How do I playback movies/music/photos via USB?

First, you create the following folders on the USB drive connected to the device:

– Music MP3
– Movie MP4H264
– Slide JPG (optimal size: 2 megapixels, maximum size: 5 megapixels)

Then, the application finds, identifies and makes the stored files accessible through the control/player menu for the steward or bus driver. (Contents stored in different locations can not be accessed from the control/player menu.)

Is it possible to playback movies on mobile devices from USB?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. Our device can display individual contents from the USB drive on the built-in monitor(s) of the bus only. If you would like to grant access to it via mobile devices as well, we suggest that you contact us on performing content update procedures.

Can the preloaded movies be copied?

No, it is absolutely not possible to make copies of the preloaded movies from the device. Contents can not be accessed or copied, not even after removing (or destroying) the drive. On smart devices you can watch the preordered and preloaded movies only due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) regulations on legally protected digital contents.

Can I upload movies by myself?

Due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) and copy protection only pre-encrypted materials can be uploaded to and accessed from our devices. Therefore content management is handled centrally. In case you need to make some changes, we offer several options:

  • We provide coded materials that you can upload from a USB data storage device.
  • You can also use internet connection to upload (or even delete) new contents:
    • internet connection can be via Mobile network
    • or WiFi network.

How do I set up a questionnaire?

Upon ordering we install a questionnaire template of your choice to the bus’ server, and provide an exclusive access to it. With your personal access code you can either look into answers in detail or browse in cumulated data.

How do I change the WiFi password?

WiFi password can be changed within ATLAS 2 app through a passcode protected area. There you type the network name and password of your choice in the required fields, then you just reconnect to the WiFi network with the new name and password.
In case you forget the password, you will not be able to connect to the device through WiFi. However, we always store the latest password in the passcode protected area of ATLAS 2 application!

How do I turn off roaming?

Internet roaming can be deactivated in two different ways:

– By asking your mobile service provider to block data roaming.
– By switching off internet access of the device in use manually.
Unfortunately, we can not provide automated blocking for the time being.

I can not playback movies. What may cause the problem?

– Check if ATLAS device is on.
– Check if WiFi function is enabled on your mobile/tablet, and it is connected to one of the ATLAS or IB WiFi products installed in the bus.
– If you have made sure of the above but the application still won’t work, please quit from the app, close the app by the requirements of your device, then restart it after a few seconds.