USB A and C charger with M32 thread – easy to screw


– Constructed for mounting on the wall or seat back
– Secured with a supplied M32 plastic nut
– Can charge two devices at the same time, with an output of 2.2A at 5V for the USB A, and up to 60 watts on USB C, depending on the charging profile
– Aesthetic appearance, very small and harmonious visible surface
– R10 and R118 detection

Category: SKU: PCT-ACH



  • Two mobile devices can be charged simultanously
  • Standard USB type-A and USB type-C connector outputs
  • USB type-A output can supply 2.0A current maximum at 5V output voltage
  • USB type-C output can supply 30W power maximum at 20V output voltage
  • Easy to install
  • Supported mobile devices:
    • iPod, iPhone, iPad
    • Android phones and tabs
    • Notebooks with USB type-C charging capability
  • Supported Charge Profiles On USB type-A connector:
    • Divider 1 DCP, (required to apply 2 V and 2.7 V on D+ Line on the D+ and D– Lines)
    • Divider 2 DCP, required to apply 2.7 V and 2 V on the D+ and D– Lines
    • Divider 3 DCP, required to apply 2.7 V and 2.7 V on the D+ and D- Lines
    • 2 DCP, required to short the D+ Line to the D– Line
    • Chinese Telecom Standard YD/T 1591-2009 Shorted Mode, required to short the + Line to the D– Line
    • 2 V on both D+ and D– Lines
  • Standard USB type-C Power Delivery (PD) compatibility
  • Available charging powers on USB type-C connector:
    • 10W at 5V output voltage
    • 18W at 9V output voltage
    • 24W at 12V output voltage
    • 24W at 15V output voltage
    • 30W at 20V output voltage
  • Automotive environment compatible design
  • Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, thermal protection