USB double charger – ergonomically mounted on the seat rail (High Power)


– Can charge two devices at the same time, with an output of 2x 2.2 A at 5V.
– Quick, easy installation on the seat rail between the seats, as far as no disturbance to the neighbors.
– Ideal for retrofitting!
– With R10 and R118 proof!

Category: SKU: PCS-AAH


– Two standard USB A ports
– With 2 separately functioning electronics,
– optimum charging power per socket
– Charging current 2x 2.2 A at 5V per socket
– Automatic overload protection, protected against short circuits
– Automatic overheat protection
– Very long service life, more than 200,000 units in use for several years!
– Easy installation with screw connection


iPod, iPhone, iPad
Android phone and tablet