Wifi Local 2


Internet Wifi router with 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Wifi channels use simultaneously guaranteed for up to 40 users.

Increased lifespan even with continuous operation. R10 and EN 50124 certification industrial design.

Category: SKU: ATW975


Individual Setup for Wifi Local2 Router MIMO 2×2 data separation, both in GSM and in the Wifi area.

Professional management of the available bandwidth.
– Internal bandwidth allocation in the WiFi area
– Allocation of the 4G data volume to be achieved to the respective consumer


Advanced setting options:
– Hot spot setting with blacklist
– Controlled data consumption
– Adjustable bandwidth access
– Captive portal can be set up
– Data separation between cable (without captive portal) and WiFi connections
– Additional SSID for higher priority key consumers
– Landing page