DMR – Digital Mirroring Box


The DMB is connected to the old-school’s analogue screens to display trendy digital content from the mobile phone, tablet, or notebook.

Category: SKU: DMR941


How to Connect:

The DMB should be connected to the composite video input (F-bus or yellow RCA plug) and the analogue audio input (red and white RCA plugs) of the Bosch/Blaupunkt radio.
The digital device is connected to the HDMI connector of the DMB.
You can connect any iPhone/iPad with a lightning connector via the special HDMI video smartphones with an MHL cable.
Notebook or laptop can be connected via HDMI cable as soon as the corresponding connector is available.
Due to the 12-48V DC power supply connected to the ignition (pin 15) and to the ground cable (PIN 31) in the bus, we can charge the iPhone/iPad versions with a maximum of 2.1A – please use for this feature our USB connector on the DMB device.